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Artist Statement

My paintings are a reflection of my belief that our lives are filled with simple, uniquely given moments that, if recognized, can teach us about our connection to the divine and fill us with a deep sense of gratitude for the earth and those around us. I strive to recognize the constant change that occurs in nature, the ever-changing atmosphere and perpetual rotation of the earth, both of which affect how the light filters to the land from above. I love to contemplate how light is received, reflected, and absorbed by the earth to manifest a multitude of changing color and form. I am wonderstruck at the consistency of change, one beautiful moment cycling into another, the continual creation of infinite and truly beautiful moments. 

My Creative Process

My process includes experiencing nature and painting en plein air. I then take the field studies into the studio and refer to them along with photographic reference. I combine both of these with my personal experiences of the land and sky and any related memories I feel would enhance the mood of the final painting. Occasionally, I will create a few small studies in notan, grayscale and/or color to help inform me on how I want the design/creation process of the final painting to unfold.  

Within this process is a lot of discovery mixed with failure. Each failure is laced, surprisingly, with more discoveries and ideas of how to move forward with creating and experimenting and exploring, often leading to the necessary elements of the next successful painting.

About Me

I grew up in a small town in southeastern Idaho. My dedicated high school art teacher, Mrs. Marriott, begged the principal to allow her to take a group of art students (including me) to meet some professional artists in their studios. My husband was on this trip and met his future mentor, Blair Buswell. The other artist we visited was Gary Ernest Smith. I was wonderstruck in two ways. First, that people could actually make a career in creating art. Second, that a field of dirt could become beautiful to me after seeing Gary's paintings. This experience opened my eyes in many ways, but mostly to seeing beauty in what I had previously viewed as a simple farmer's field. I began to see beauty everywhere.


As a mother, I am reminded daily by my endlessly creative children of the innate need to learn through discovery and creation and the importance of sharing our discoveries with others. I feel the most important thing we create is found in the relationships we have with those who surround us. 

You can view my husband's sculptures at

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